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Reasons Why You Need a Rug Pad

  1- Extends  your  rug life 2- A pad  prevents scratching to the floor. 3- Make the vacuuming easier. 6- Hand washable, I try and work. 7- You can use on all surface floor. 8- A rug pad  adds softness to any rug. 9- It prevents the occurrence of mold snd odor by allowing more air circulation. 10- It is eco-friendly, made with organic polymer natural felt and plant based oil. Its safe for your floor an for your home! Photos: Monica Melsness


I have it  and  I Love it!! Super-Lock Natural rubber rug pads are designed to keep your rug anchored firmly in place. You can use them for  all types of rugs on hard surface flooring.  Great for stubborn area rugs, runner rugs, and smaller area rugs in high traffic areas. Natural rubber rug pads are eco-friendly.  Made in the USA – 20 Year Warranty