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Studio Joop – Anniek Beije

Anniek Beije is the photographer behind the creative studio Joop in the Netherlands. Since 2015 the Studio Joop, whose name is in honor of her grandad,  has been growing into a green and creative work space. Joop Studio is all about simplicity. Anniek believe the most beautiful moments don’t need garnishing and that is the feeling Studio Joop wants to capture.  The ongoing project ” plant series” is the first example of this attitude. In her work she  tends to use only natural lighting, because she dislikes the distracting effect studio lights give. She also tries to minimize the amount of Photoshop used to just edit out blemishes of spots in the background and get the color balance right to print. For print she uses only recycled paper. Thank you Anniek for all your creativity and also for the wonderful plant series pictured with purity and grace.  

Sebastiao Salgado

Via : photography office MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY: SEBASTIAO SALGADO – GENESIS – THE LEGACY OF PLANET EARTH   Sebastião Salgado (b.1944) is one of the leading social documentary photographer and photojournalist working in the world today. He began his career as a professional photographer in Paris in 1973 and subsequently worked with the photo agencies Sygma, Gamma and Magnum Photos.   Sebastiao Salgado In 1994 he and his wife Lélia created Amazonas images, which exclusively handles his work. Salgado’s photographic projects have been featured in many exhibitions as well as books, including Other Americas (1986), Sahel, L’Homme en détresse (1986), Workers (1993), Terra (1997), Migrations (2000), The Children (2000), Africa (2007) and Genesis (2013). The world-renowned photographer has received many awards, including the W Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, and his many books have been published to great acclaim. He is a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador and an honorary member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in the United States. He is currently based in Paris. The  Genesis project unveils a photographic journey through the planet’s unspoiled …

Decorating with Photo

  Photos are moments we keep forever and  can give a personal touch to the decor too. See suggestions for how to use them without making mistake!