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Painted Kitchen Utensils

              Displayed in jars or hung from holders, wooden spoons and spatulas are a classic component of any kitchen. Introduce a pop of colour to the handles with this simple upcycle idea.   Before you begin, wipe the utensils with a damp cloth to ensure they’re free of dust. Use masking tape to mark off stripes. Apply two coats of eggshell acrylic paint, allowing each coat to dry first. Remove the masking tape before the second coat dries to avoid the paint cracking around the edges.   Photo: Monica Melsness  

Anderson Bailey

Anderson Bailey is the creative talent behind Bean and Bailey Ceramics. The collection has bowls, vases, planters,  and cups that feel right at home. Each piece is hand-crafted  by  Anderson Bailey and Jessie Bean. His studio is based in Chattanooga, TN, but the good news is that all of the collection is available for online purchase. Thank you Anderson and Jessie for these amazing inspirations !  

Ary Trays

Whenever I spot a lovely birch wood tray with a colourful design I always turn it upside down to check if it has been made by Ary. They’re a Swedish manufacturer and have been handcrafting trays from renewably sourced birch wood since the 1950′s. The trays are made from single sheets of birch providing a high quality finish,perfect for outdoor dining and dishwasher safe too.