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Grönadal – Rocking Chair

The Grönadal rocking chair is not only  a balanced combination between Vietnamese crafts and Scandinavian expression. It is also manufactured in a rattan factory in Nha Trang province in Vietnam as part of efforts to keep the valuable handicraft traditions alive. The designer Lisa Hilland’s goal was to create a rocking chair with unexpected encounters between materials and expressions. Live natural materials such as rattan and ash stand nicely in contrast to the powder-coated steel. The backrest and the seat are hand woven with wire following traditional techniques, and become more beautiful with age. Rock on Grönadal!  

NIPPRIG – Natural

Ikea is releasing a limited-edition collection called NIPPRIG that marries everything I love: sustainable natural material, local craftsmanship and forward-thinking designs. Ikea’s new collection is made from the hyacinth plant, a beautiful aquatic species that was introduced by a colonist in the early 20th century as an ornamental plant. Native to the Amazon rainforest, this plant adapted very quickly to the waterways of Vietnam. Today, lakes, ponds and riverways are literally being choked to a death by water hyacinths. It stops water flow, blocks sunlight, eradicates oxygen, and eventually kills off fish. The local people go out  in wooden canoes and pull out the plants by hand. For a week, they let them dry in the hot, tropical sun, which bleaches their deep-green stalks and turns them into a leathery natural fiber. And then the Ikea magic happens: chairs, baskets, decorative rugs,  and floor cushions are made from the dried water hyacinth. It is amazing to see, when style, environmental care and sustainability meet and we can decorate the house with natural materials and colors.   …