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Jason Mraz

  Via Origin Magazine   Maranda Pleasant: What are some of the things that really make you feel alive? That make you feel inspired? Jason Mraz: I love the feeling of putting my feet back on the sand after I’ve been out in the ocean for a while. I love that. I guess the adrenaline calms down when the sense of balance returns in a really grounded way. I love writing songs with people, which is about really taking risks, throwing yourself over the falls and really seeing what you’re made of and seeing how it sticks. Seeing how others react to it, and seeing also how it can become a melody and how it can really take off from your experience. It’s a way of seeing life unfold on the page before me. I’ve gotten more into gardening over the past couple years. It’s a combination of patience and hustle, and I love it. MP: That’s great! JM: Sometimes I’m out there until eleven o’clock at night, making sure everything is great and no …

Decorate With Flowers

                     Flowers Flowers                                                                      This is a great book for anyone who wants to learn step by step how to decorate with flowers. The book teaches how to make small-scale arrangements using either blooms available at a corner market or in the garden. Decorate With Flowers offers busy readers who do not have time to fuss over flowers an opportunity to experiment and have fun !!                          Decorate With Flowers: Creative Arrangements * Styling Inspiration * Container Projects * Design Tips