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DIY – Kokedama Orchids

Making a kokedama with an Orchid is a perfect choice. That’s possible since this houseplant has aerial roots for taking up nutrients and the pot is really only there to stand it up, which can be done more unusually and more naturally if you wrap the roots up in a moss ball. It’s easily done and looks amazing. You  will need: Orchids, sheet moss, winding wire or fishing line, wire cutters or scissors. Carefully remove the Orchid from the plastic pot. Fold the moss around the roots and try to keep as much of the root ball inside the moss as possible. Secure the moss by wrapping the wire around it. Keep the moss damp with a plant sprayer.  

Geometric Christmas Tree

You will  need:  string in chosen color, adhesive hooks and  ruler Using your ruler, create the triangle shape of your tree by marking its three outer points, and additional 5cm spaces along these points with adhesive hooks. Start your tree design by knotting the end of your string at a base hook, and wrapping it around opposite hooks on your frame. Keep wrapping up and down, and side to side till your heart’s content, fastening off your design at a base hook.   Via: The home

Fresh Flower Cupcake Toppers

The perfect union of  beautiful blooms, cupcakes and frosting. What you need:   *Fresh flowers *Sprinkles Cupcakes *Scissors *Toothpicks *Ribbon                     Remember: Fresh flower toppers are for decorative purposes only. But you can enjoy the delicious Sprinkles Cupcakes with a variety of  flavors: banana, dark chocolate, red velvet, salty caramel, sprinkle and strawberry to name a few. This post is kindly sponsored by Sprinkles Cupcakes. You can buy yours at: Or visit the store at: Photos: Monica Melsness

DIY – Hanging Flower Eggs

Have you already thought about what your Easter table will look like? No? Thankfully, I have a DIY idea to show you how to decorate at home.  This is a really easy and inexpensive  idea. You can do it by yourself or with the kids. Be creative! I used just pink tulips (my favorite flower), but you are free to choose your favorite flower and play with colors. What you’ll need: *White and pink ribbons *White zipties *Flowering tree branches *Tulips or your favorite flowers *Eggshells *Garden clippers *Scissors            

Special Delivery: Protea Flowers & Bubbles

Valentine’s day treats are much sweeter in pairs which is why I love this orange box. I filled my box with a bouquet of protea flowers and a bottle of  Roederer Estate Sparkling Wine, but you can use your own favorites to complete the package: wine, Champagne, flowers, chocolate or anything else that fits. I chose protea flowers because it is a wild flower with a fresh fragrance that is memorable for a valentine. Roederer Estate – Anderson Valley California   Photo: Monica Melsness  

Painted Kitchen Utensils

              Displayed in jars or hung from holders, wooden spoons and spatulas are a classic component of any kitchen. Introduce a pop of colour to the handles with this simple upcycle idea.   Before you begin, wipe the utensils with a damp cloth to ensure they’re free of dust. Use masking tape to mark off stripes. Apply two coats of eggshell acrylic paint, allowing each coat to dry first. Remove the masking tape before the second coat dries to avoid the paint cracking around the edges.   Photo: Monica Melsness  


It’s almost winter; in some places the weather starts to be cold and snow falls , and  when we have kids  the question becomes: what will we do today with the kids  outside of drinking hot chocolate? A good idea is making crafts, and for this reason I would like to introduce you to the book ” Playful”. This book is amazing for entertaining the kids. You can do  26 unique and modern projects like  cardboard houses, crowns, masks, wooden face necklaces and more! This beautifully presented book is the creation of Merrilee Liddiard, founder of the popular arts and crafts blog, Mer Mag. Playful – $24.99  

Balloons with a Twist!

Balloons are guaranteed to provide the fun factor in a wedding, birthday party, picnic, tea party or  romantic dinner. Try updating the ‘ normal ‘ helium balloon with a string made of ivy and flowers. It gives a romantic, cheerful effect which lends that little something extra to your party decorations! How to make it! Buy one or more balloons. Preferably a larger size, so that it is not dragged down by the weight of the plant string. Select sisal string or fishing line as the base for the plant. Don’t forget to secure the balloon or hang a weight from the bottom so that it does not float away. Select your choice of climbing plant, and wrap it around the string. Add a couple of your favorite flowers to provide the finishing touch. Photo: Pinterest

Rosemary Wreath

There is something about wreaths that makes my heart go all warm and smile. A house with a wreath on the front door exudes hospitality and welcomes you in. I am extremely proud to say that this year my front door looks like one of those. Believe it or not,  wreaths are a lot easier to make than you might think. The most important thing is finding some lush greens you can use . I have six super overachieving rosemary plants in my garden, so today I decided they will become my wreath.