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The Urban Farm

Renovating a house is one of the skills of the Dutch. The restoration of a house for them is a very important value and they often choose to create continuity between the environments, making it very harmonious inside and outside the house. The restructuring of this farm in the Netherlands, whose colors and elements are reminiscent of the surrounding countryside, is a good example of the Dutch work. I thought particularly lovely the pastel green color that characterizes the kitchen walls where the family spends most of the time and where you can enjoy dinners with friends !! Photo: James Stokes

How to Choose the Right Headboard

I have made a list of the the most important things to consider before buying a headboard. If you read or  watch Tv in bed then you’ll be better off with a padded or upholstered  headboard. Since you’ll be  leaning against it, a  dark color or print will disguise any marks. A metal or wooden headboard will create a stylish statement but won’t offer the comfort of upholstered headboards .                                                What are the design choices?   Upholstered  headboards are ideal for comfort and can create a striking statement if covered in bold, patterned fabric. Buttoned headboards are back in fashion and now come in sleeker, streamlined shapes giving them a modern edge. Look out for buttoned headboards upholstered in suede for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.  Leather headboards are good for bringing a sleek, modern look to contemporary bedrooms, but remember, the leather can be cold so you may need a few extra pillows.  Wooden headboards …


Via Minted   Buying and collecting art? Majorly fun. Figuring out where to hang everything? Sometimes not so fun. If you’re like me, you’ve probably come across a ton of inspiring images of art-gallery walls on Pinterest or in shelter magazine  with walls fabulously filled to the brim with beautifully framed pieces. But attempting to create something similar at home can be a little intimidating. To inspire you to create an art-gallery wall of your own, we dropped by the homes of two Minted employees: our founder and CEO Mariam Naficy (top) and associate creative director Annie Clark(bottom). “I wanted a wall that reflected my family and our love for travel and art, and that was deliberately un-stuffy. I loved incorporating a mirror I found in Paris, a piece of antique fabric I found in Turkey, and my children’s art.” —Mariam “My home is a work in progress. I love that I can easily add a new piece or pin a photo to this ever-evolving corner gallery.” —Annie San Francisco-based stylist Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman worked with the ladies to create …

Texture Tile

    In the current Big Idea Issue 95, the DECO Lab section is all about surfacing; everything you need to know when updating or renovating floors, surfaces and walls. There is a special focus on tiles. They are the new big thing, so don’t banish them to the Bathroom and kitchens -they are wonderfully practical and add colour, pattern and texture to any room. With so many new choices of tiles available locally, mix and match, add texture, new shapes, and use in unconventional ways and spaces. For a dramatic, unique and unexpected look, use statement tiles, which are artworks in their own right, as headboards behind beds,   or create signature feature walls by continuing a fashionable floor tile and running it up onto the wall. It’s really easy to create a magic carpet with patterned tiling and, in terms of design, anything goes.  For a custom-made look visit a supplier like Moroccan Warehouse, Tile Studio or Onsite Gallery and develop a unique pattern or combination with them.                              via Elle …

Decorating with Photo

  Photos are moments we keep forever and  can give a personal touch to the decor too. See suggestions for how to use them without making mistake!