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The Wreath Recipe Book

In the fall, wreaths are created with magnolias, rosemary, and plums, and gourds are used to create an unexpected garland. Winter highlights cedar, pine, and juniper, yielding unexpected table settings and new wreath shapes. The Wreath Recipe Book provides 100 recipes There are detailed ingredient lists and hundreds of step-by-step photos as well as chapters covering basic techniques, sourcing, and care information. These aren’t just evergreens for Christmas — the book is organized seasonally, with dozens of projects to make throughout the year.   $24 –

Wax Collector – by Esque Studio

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! The wax collector designed by Andy Kovel is a unique candle holder. This candle  has a divet at the lip that allows the  candle to drip inside the bottle and  transform  the  bottle into a  capolavoro. Another wonderful thing is that when the bottle is filled up, you can return to Esque Studio and they well send you a new one! Good idea for a Christmas gift!