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Anderson Bailey

Anderson Bailey is the creative talent behind Bean and Bailey Ceramics. The collection has bowls, vases, planters,  and cups that feel right at home. Each piece is hand-crafted  by  Anderson Bailey and Jessie Bean. His studio is based in Chattanooga, TN, but the good news is that all of the collection is available for online purchase. Thank you Anderson and Jessie for these amazing inspirations !  

Calcarea – Ceramic Vessels

This creative project, Calcarea , by Italian designer  Francesca Gatello  and  Rosso Ramina, takes the trend one step further, and uses the waste material from the mining and cutting of marble  to create a range of simple homeware.   The name Calcarea is linked to calcium, Ca, marble’s most important chemical element. The objects in the range have two different surfaces, and thus are typically two-toned: a transparent finished one and a rough one, which shows the core mixed material, its and its visual and tactile qualities.   The beautiful product shots of the Calcarea collection you see here were shot in a marble quarry. ‘In this context the objects are inserted into their birthplace, where the stone is extracted.’ “A special bond between matter, image and illusion has been created: we built some brand new domestic locations using the vertical surface of one quarry-bearing pillar. It becomes the wall of two ideal settings: a living room and a bathroom. The pillar face gives an irregular plane which, offers a very fascinating texture.”   Marble production generates large amounts of waste. Almost 70 percent of the mineral is wasted …