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Millennial Pink – Decor Idea

A modern shade of muted pink is taking over everything, including your home! Millennial Pink is although that does little to help describe the color. It’s technically pink with the blue removed resulting in a soft, muted shade that sits somewhere on the spectrum between peach and blush. However, the classification is not a strict one; you might prefer to think of it as any kind of muted pink used in a modern context. To incorporate millennial pink at home first off, you should not be worried that embracing this trending color will turn your home into a ‘girly’ domain that will frighten off any male within a 10-foot radius. As mentioned above, the whole point of Millennial Pink is that it’s a gender-neutral shade. A lovely color for everyone to enjoy! So much so that it’s been hailed as a ‘new neutral’ and hence, can be incorporated at home quite easily.  This year’s design fairs in Paris, Cologne, and Milan featured a lot of pink in different color schemes. You can mix with sophisticated …

How to Make Scandinavian Decor

Nordic style extols simplicity and comfort in an indoor environment. The oldest customs of the people of northern Europe have become a contemporary decorating style.  Adapted to the current reality, the Scandinavian style is a hit. Today,  Scandinavian style concerns environments where simplicity and comfort prevail. It’s a cleaner decor without excesses, very bright to combat the northern darkness of winter. It is made of straight lines, simple shapes and neutral colors. Colors White is the key color in this type of decoration. Think of the Nordic region: Short and dark days. White helps a lot when it comes to lighting. So white walls are the starting point of this style. Use basic colors like white, beige, gray, brown and black. Fabrics With respect to the upholstered chairs, sofas and pads, use natural fabrics such as linen, wool and cotton. Skins, or imitations of them, appear in rugs or blankets on the couch. They give it a sophisticated touch. They are pieces that prove the authenticity of a Scandinavian space. Objects They are few and good. In …

Happiness in Your Home – According to Science

I grew up hearing my grandmother saying that home was the best place in the world. Anyone disagree? Today I know this is not only a theory of my dear granny, but also proven by science. Our house conveys security, warmth and well-being, and it is  precisely this feeling that makes us feel homesick when we are traveling.  Science has proven that it is possible to make our home better and (why not?) even happier. Paint a wall green or yellow   Yellow and green are colors that bring more feelings of happiness and well-being, according to a study by the University of Vrije in the Netherlands. Make a floral arrangement   A long study, conducted by Rutgers University in New Jersey, demonstrated that having  flowers at home brings a sensation of comfort and causes happiness. Spread photos around the house   Try putting a picture frame with a beautiful picture of your family or a friend, next to your bed. Scientists at the University of Portsmouth, in England guarantee that this will make you happier. According to this …

Half-Bath Wallpaper Inspiration

To give the half bath the attention it deserves, a bet is to use wallpaper that is able to transform the simple environment into a spectacular place. Unlike the bathroom, the half bath  is not a wet area, which allows you to use your imagination to decorate it. Here are some ideas to inspire you to create a beautiful half bath with wallpaper. I love each one. This post  inspires me more than  I thought  to put wallpaper in my half bath. When I finish, I will make a post to teach you how to install wallpaper.

Reasons Why You Need a Rug Pad

  1- Extends  your  rug life 2- A pad  prevents scratching to the floor. 3- Make the vacuuming easier. 6- Hand washable, I try and work. 7- You can use on all surface floor. 8- A rug pad  adds softness to any rug. 9- It prevents the occurrence of mold snd odor by allowing more air circulation. 10- It is eco-friendly, made with organic polymer natural felt and plant based oil. Its safe for your floor an for your home! Photos: Monica Melsness

Hydroponic Plant Decor Ideas

  The winter weather drives us into the house, and with that we have the perfect opportunity to bring the best of outdoor living inside. Besides the fresh, natural, and clean air that plant life provides, this beautiful foliage can also be a delicate element of decoration. With a simplicity that is in style,you can grow plants and display them indoors, especially herbs that love to proliferate like basil and mint. Rooting plants simply suspended in water   has also become a beautiful hydroponic trend.                        

How to Create Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving is a very special Holiday. It’s time for spending time around the table and enjoying a meal with our family and best friends. Since this holiday is centered around the table, it’s very important to create a beautiful table decor to make Thanksgiving even more special. Every year, I choose a different theme. This year, I wanted to focus on a natural look filled with natural pumpkins, fresh fall florals, wood, leaves, clay, and cotton. I love decorating with  pumpkins just because they come with different sizes, colors and styles. They are so perfect for a centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table decor. There are several ways you can style your table using pumpkins. You can use the pumpkins as a vase, votives for fall candles, and/or putting pumpkins on top of a pedestal. If you want a table decorated like mine, just arrange your favorite pumpkins ( I love white pumpkins!) down the side of your table and simply make a vase  arrangement with olive leaves, chamomile flowers, and orange lilies.     To make the table get a more sophisticated …

5 Tips to Have a Peaceful Home

1-Clean your home: If you want a calmer experience at home, a good way to begin is by making it routine to clear your home and start cleaning all surfaces daily. 2-Use five elements:  1-Water: You can have this element in your home by hanging images of water, or just using flowers in a  bowl of water. 2-Earth: You will have this element in your home through stones or plants. 3-Fire: Light a candle or fireplace and this element will be in your home. 4/5-Metal and  Wood: Buying furniture with wood or metal can help you have this element at your home and feel cozy. 3-Use natural light: Learn to appreciate natural light. Open the window and let the sun into your home. 4-Natural Scents: Using natural scents, create a purifying and calming atmosphere  in your home by choosing  natural scents like beeswax, essential oil, natural cleaning products and fresh flowers. Music: Having calm music at low volume will help your home and your soul become more  peaceful. Music: Tiago Iorc and Duca Leindecker – Ate aqui  

How to Decorate a Laundry Room

The laundry room  is typically a forgotten part of the house; which is reserved to store all that we no longer use and all the mess of the house. However, a functional and beautiful laundry can give a special touch to your home.   Although it is an area that needs to be conveniently used, laundry rooms can indeed be decorated using vibrant colors, beautiful accessories, wall papers, plants, and even wall stickers.   Cabinets and shelves are totally necessary. Invest in durable and functional pieces. Wooden benches are also recommended for these areas, which in some projects can serve as support for buckets and even ironing boards. Wall stickers give a touch of fun to the environment. You can use a theme or neutral tones. Informal art is  also welcome on  laundry room walls.   The rugs are completely necessary in laundry rooms, and can leave a much more beautiful environment. There are no rules for decorating this environment. The most important thing is that a laundry room is a nice place in the house, as …

“Urban Destroyed” – a new trend

Looking at all these walls destroyed, you may be thinking: “Wow, what is  that?” Destroyed walls are a new trend, and trends do not appear out of nowhere, but are built over time and follow people’s behavior changes. Looking at magazines and decorating websites, it was clear to me this   “Urban Destroyed” style is exploding in popularity, which to me is the missing complement  to the “Industrial style”. The truth is that this new trend makes much sense in modern life, because this decorating style  gives greater freedom of expression, which is a fundamental value of modern society. With this style you have the freedom to turn your home into an extension of your personality with your strengths and weaknesses, and so you will be able to have a more authentic home, where your only decorating rule is to have no rules.

Decorate the House with Wooden Crates

Having a well-decorated and beautiful home does not necessarily have to do with how much you spend. Giving style to ambiance has much more to do with creativity and ability to give a unique touch to the place, and so reusing materials makes all the difference. The wooden crates used in street markets or to store wine are a good example of this. They are so versatile that you can create beautiful furniture to decorate the house. They can be used natural, varnished or painted; the sky is the limit to choose what can be created.  

5 Ways to Change your Home

  1-You can change your home in one day by painting the walls a new color.   2-Flowers and plants are an inexpensive way to change the house.   3-Hang posters, greeting cards, paintings, and objects on the wall.   4-Change pillows with changes of the seasons, such as wool for winter and linen for summer.   5-Buy a good rug.


This is one of my favorite items! I myself use them all over my own home. Niche & Nook is giving away 2 paper bags! They are 100% eco-friendly, made of recycled paper, and are perfect to store papers, your laundry, favorite magazines, books, plants, or even your ideas! All you have to do to win one of these wonderful paper bags, is leave a comment under this post and let me know what you will be using your paper bag for, and I will choose the two most creative responses.                    Look how beautiful these inspirations are!      

NIPPRIG – Natural

Ikea is releasing a limited-edition collection called NIPPRIG that marries everything I love: sustainable natural material, local craftsmanship and forward-thinking designs. Ikea’s new collection is made from the hyacinth plant, a beautiful aquatic species that was introduced by a colonist in the early 20th century as an ornamental plant. Native to the Amazon rainforest, this plant adapted very quickly to the waterways of Vietnam. Today, lakes, ponds and riverways are literally being choked to a death by water hyacinths. It stops water flow, blocks sunlight, eradicates oxygen, and eventually kills off fish. The local people go out  in wooden canoes and pull out the plants by hand. For a week, they let them dry in the hot, tropical sun, which bleaches their deep-green stalks and turns them into a leathery natural fiber. And then the Ikea magic happens: chairs, baskets, decorative rugs,  and floor cushions are made from the dried water hyacinth. It is amazing to see, when style, environmental care and sustainability meet and we can decorate the house with natural materials and colors.   …

DIY – Spring Flower Arrangements

In spring,  nature is brought back to life, all the flowers and the colors are revitalized and there’s magic in the air! You can plan marvelous flower arrangements  using only four  types of flowers ( Hypericum, Tulips, Lily, Waxflower ). Just set your imagination free and design your own spring Floral arrangement.           Photo : Monica Melsness Flowers:  Vase : Honeycomb Vase at  “Thank you very much to Randall’s supermarket for donating the flowers.”  

Easter Table Decor Ideas

I Love Easter! Do you ? It’s another excuse to gather the family around the table for a long leisurely lunch of  roast lamb, new spring vegetables and a lovely indulgent cake. I hope you  love all theses ideas of decoration for giving your table a fresh spring look! Happy Easter !!