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Raawii Strøm Collection from MoMA

What happens when Danish still life art and ceramics get together? Well, hold onto your hats. These ultra modern vessels are hand made in Portugal using a slip-cast technique. Designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen, the Strøm Collection comes in all sorts of swoon-worthy shapes and bright bold colors (from grey to tangerine). Choose from a jug, vase, or bowl and use them to liven up your decor, to serve from at the dining table, or just to add a dash of spunk to any room. DETAILS & MATERIALS – Made in: Portugal Made of: Ceramic   Maker: Raawii Strøm Collection from MoMA

Mimira Mug

  This luminescent collection represents a collaboration with Lindsay Emery, the North Carolina-based ceramicist at the helm of Suite One Studio. Each and every only-here piece is inspired by watercolor paintings and finished with a flourish of genuine gold. $14.00  –  

Grönadal – Rocking Chair

The Grönadal rocking chair is not only  a balanced combination between Vietnamese crafts and Scandinavian expression. It is also manufactured in a rattan factory in Nha Trang province in Vietnam as part of efforts to keep the valuable handicraft traditions alive. The designer Lisa Hilland’s goal was to create a rocking chair with unexpected encounters between materials and expressions. Live natural materials such as rattan and ash stand nicely in contrast to the powder-coated steel. The backrest and the seat are hand woven with wire following traditional techniques, and become more beautiful with age. Rock on Grönadal!  

Alassis Collection

 Alassis  candles …an exclusive collection by Mei Xu, the award-winning entrepreneur behind Chesapeake Bay Candle. Inspired by sophisticated ancient scents that transport us back in time to mediterranean civilizations and lush, fragrant gardens – evoking a elegant aura in your home.   Alassis Candles  $25.00

Wax Collector – by Esque Studio

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! The wax collector designed by Andy Kovel is a unique candle holder. This candle  has a divet at the lip that allows the  candle to drip inside the bottle and  transform  the  bottle into a  capolavoro. Another wonderful thing is that when the bottle is filled up, you can return to Esque Studio and they well send you a new one! Good idea for a Christmas gift!  


I have it  and  I Love it!! Super-Lock Natural rubber rug pads are designed to keep your rug anchored firmly in place. You can use them for  all types of rugs on hard surface flooring.  Great for stubborn area rugs, runner rugs, and smaller area rugs in high traffic areas. Natural rubber rug pads are eco-friendly.  Made in the USA – 20 Year Warranty

Steel Fire Pit

Summer calls for late-night chat sessions over a fire pit. This one’s sized just right and can burn full-sized logs. The steel pit has been hand rolled and it comes with clear fire-glass for the outer trim. No matter the season, gather chairs and your favorite people around the fire for great conversations and lighted warmth. Modern Fire Pit: at  Do&Bo!


There is nothing more satisfying than cooking with great knives. It was only a matter of time before Le Creuset satisfied more of our cooking needs, by filling our kitchen tool boxes with quality and beautiful knives. Crafted with a beautiful and durable Italian Olivewood handle, the raw shape is cut out from the wood and then shaped into its final shape by the handle maker. As it is a natural, grown material, every wooden knife handle looks different and is unique. These knives have a multi-layer Damascus steel forged around a VG-10 steel core. There is also the option of stainless steel or black plastic handles, which use a premium high carbon Stainless Steel Alloy. Le Creuset Soon at

Mr & Mrs Clynk

Mr Clynk is Jerôme Clynckemaillie, interior designer Mrs Clynk, is Karine, independent textile designer. Bringing their talents together, they have been working for the past six years in close collaboration designing objects that mix fine crafts with industrial technics. Sensitive to simple , natural and timeless materials, they enjoy mixing purity with poetry. Motifs and colors are inspired from second hand object findings and memories they bring back from travels. This is how Mr and Mrs Clynk come up with original designs for lamps, cushions, and ceramic objetcs.    


    Apple have  just announced the launch of the iPhone 6 family (bigger, thinner, more expensive); an Apple Pay system that eliminates the truly first-world problem of credit card swiping; and its long-awaited entry into the category of digital wearables, the Apple Watch.  What you need to know: It’s good looking. Both the hardware and software are easy on the eye. There are different versions. Watch, Watch Edition (made from 18k gold) and Watch Sport (light and durable). You need an iPhone to use it. It offers new ways to communicate. You can share your heartbeat, draw pictures and send animated emojis. It wants to make you healthier. It will count your steps, track your heartbeat, count calories, suggest fitness goals… the list goes on. You can pay with it. All of the Apple Pay functionality recently unveiled will be available on the Apple Watch. You’ll have to charge it. (And who knows long it will stay charged.) It vibrates. The watch will communicate with you through vibrations. You can talk to it. The watch will work with Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled program. …