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Millennial Pink – Decor Idea

A modern shade of muted pink is taking over everything, including your home!

Millennial Pink is although that does little to help describe the color. It’s technically pink with the blue removed resulting in a soft, muted shade that sits somewhere on the spectrum between peach and blush. However, the classification is not a strict one; you might prefer to think of it as any kind of muted pink used in a modern context.

To incorporate millennial pink at home first off, you should not be worried that embracing this trending color will turn your home into a ‘girly’ domain that will frighten off any male within a 10-foot radius. As mentioned above, the whole point of Millennial Pink is that it’s a gender-neutral shade. A lovely color for everyone to enjoy! So much so that it’s been hailed as a ‘new neutral’ and hence, can be incorporated at home quite easily.

 This year’s design fairs in Paris, Cologne, and Milan featured a lot of pink in different color schemes. You can mix with sophisticated reds or in some cases dark greens, and then at the other end of the spectrum gelato shades of green.

If you are a little less confident mixing colors, the easiest way to incorporate Millennial Pink into your home is to start with soft furnishings/accessories such as cushions, throws, bed linen.




Millennial Pink is perfect for pairing with metallics, too! Consider rose gold, copper, and bronze for a warm display that will never go out of style.

Golden elements like a vase, a lamp or a statement mirror are great with millennial pink.



Millenial Pink is a quite soft and friendly color.


Pink and exotic green plants make a great pair!

Millennial Pink is a versatile color, it can be quite easy to match it with any kind of print. Try florals will be cute!


Can you imagine having this beautiful millennial pink vintage bathtub? I just love it!

How about a pink cabinet? Cool, right?






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  1. Jordyn Robinson-Hedstrom says

    Can you please tell me the color of the blue wall and information about the comforter in that picture as well?


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