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The Brazilian – Zebra Plant

This amazing plant with dark green leaves, prominent white colored veins, and wonderful yellow flowers originates from Brazil.

The Zebra plant is a tropical plant, and loves humidity, therefore the best place for it to grow well is within a greenhouse or any glass room, with bright, indirect sunlight and protected from the cold.


Watering: This plant is a little hard to care for, as too much or too little water can quickly cause the leaves to drop. Water when the top of the soil has just started to feel dry; this plant likes to be kept moist. Less water is needed during the winter months or after the plant has flowered. Photo: Monica Melsness


Soil: Zebra plants like rich soil that retains water, but drains well. An African Violet mix can be used and pots should have holes in the bottom for adequate drainage. To make your own potting soil mixture, use 1 part coarse sand or Perlite, 1 part garden soil, 2 parts humus or peat. Photo: Monica Melsness


Fertilization: During the growing seasons, spring and summer, the Zebra plant needs to be fertilized weekly. A good quality water-soluble plant food works well. Photo: Monica Melsness


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