Home Sweet Home
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Bruno Galiasso and Giovanna Ewbank Sweet Home.

This beautiful home belongs to the Brazilian actor Bruno Gagliasso, 31, where he lives with his wife, actress Giovanna Ewbank, 27, and his five dogs – golden retriever Zeca, the Corsican Menina, boxer Johnny, the labrador Peste, and their mutt Favela. The first description he makes about his  house is: “My home is where I’m happy, where I feel good with my friends and with my family, where I grow up and raise my children.”

The house is located in Itanhangá, in Rio de Janeiro, and has a huge garden with space for them to play with the dogs, and a garden with a jabuticabeira (fruit tree), palm trees and a lush bougainvillea. “The environment has a very good vibe. Our friends come here and nobody wants to go, “says Giovanna.


With straight lines and a minimalist style, the residence has integrated environments on the ground floor and a permanent party vibe.



It was on a trip to New York that they were enchanted by an exhibition of Robert Mars, known for paintings that mix skulls and logos of Louis Vuitton. Bruno is fascinated by skulls and has at least seven scattered around the house.

“The skull gives me a sense of reality, a reminder that we are here in passing,” he says, showing one of the skulls of his small collection hidden behind the picture with the image of James Dean.









Bruno Galiasso and Giovanna Ewbank.

Despite being a fan of design and architecture, Bruno curiously has no piece by a great designer. “I do not buy anything for investment, but for visual pleasure.”


Bruno Galiasso and Giovanna Ewbank’s home.

Each object, mobile, ornament or book shelf has a little bit of the story of the couple. “Everything is here for a reason. I find it cool, for example, to look at an object or picture and remember what we live on a given journey, “said Giovanna.




Bruno Galiasso and Giovanna Ewbank’s home

“This is the spirit of my house. A place to enjoy life,” says Bruno. More of home sweet home? Impossible!

Photos:  Fran Parente


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