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Clay Spoons

It’s the finer details that make a house a home, and these DIY Clay Spoons are a great way to inject personal style into your space.

Air dry clay | Clay cutting tool | 1.5mm wire | Adhesive glue for guilding applications | copper leaf | two small paint brushes | permanent felt tip marker | food safe varnish


Start with a small ball of clay and kneed with hands until warm and pliable. You may need a small amount of water to soften the clay. Shape into a curved spoon head and pinch to form a 2-3cm handle. HINT: Ensure the clay isn’t too thin or it will crack when dry.


Cut a piece of wire around 10cm long (depending on desired length of spoon handle) and insert the wire into the 2-3cm clay handle you just formed, stopping at the base of the spoon. This is to add structural support to the handle once dry.


Cover the exposed wire handle with clay and disguise the join by massaging the clay with your fingers and a small amount of water. Leave to dry overnight.


Using a clean and dry brush, apply a thin, even coat of guilding adhesive over the surface of the spoon handle in the desired design (I varied with stripes, half dipped, etc). Allow 5-10mins curing time before applying leaf or when the glue changes from white to clear.


Carefully apply copper leaf onto surface (ensure your hands are clean and dry). Leave to cure for two hours.


Using a dry brush, gently brush off the excess leaf.


If desired, add further designs to your spoons by using a permanent felt tip pen.


Using a brush, apply an even coat of food-safe varnish onto the entire surface of the spoon. Allow to dry overnight.Enjoy your handmade, bespoke spoon with dry food only (e.g. sugar bowl, coffee spoon, sea salt etc). NOT dishwasher safe!


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