Month: February 2016

Lars Beller Fjetland

Lars Beller Fjetland won the Designer Award in 2013 given by the magazines “Elle Decoration Norway” and “Elle Decoration UK”. Born in Norway, he is known for his tables and birds of sustainable wood. He believes that we benefit from daily interaction with natural materials and it is this belief that makes the work of Lar Beller Fjetland, which in my opinion can be defined as the combination of function, beauty and simplicity. He strives to make each object created with the feeling of longevity, and with the greatest challenge to use only materials that have inherent qualities. This will ensure that every object created is able to fulfill the main purpose without an expiration date. Lars Beller is constantly looking to broaden his horizons as a dedicated explorer of form and function through various new projects. You can buy his objects at Thank you, Lars Beller, for sharing your creativity! Photo: Hem

Small Balcony Decor Idea

Lack of space in your balcony is not an excuse to leave this corner without decoration. With a little imagination and inspiration, you can turn this space with limited footage into a garden, gourmet space, or reading and relaxation area among many other options. Be inspired by these ideas and surprise yourself with these simple, but very beautiful and comfortable projects. Photos: Pinterest and Casa Claudia  


Has anyone tried recipes from the cook book ” Plenty” by Ottolenghi? I tried and I adore it. The author has a blog on the guardian’s website that includes some recipes from the book; it should give an idea what is in the book. My favorite recipe is the stuffed eggplant on the cover. So delicious! Plenty – $34.99