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Darling Dahlia

                Tips to have a Dahlia Garden

The Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico; it is delicate, beautiful, and with an endless variety of color. These plants grow and bloom best in full sun and tolerate most soil types, but prefer a  well drained sandy soil. If your soil is heavy or clay, just add sand and peat moss.


Water once a week. If it’s very hot, water more frequently.


Do not choose too tall varieties if you have a small garden. Some dahlias can be two meters.


Plant then in a sunny place, then the flowers develop well.



Plant the tuber in late April. Make sure they covered with five centimeters of soil.

Immediately place a stick to support them. Some species get top-heavy flowers and fall quickly.


If you want a bouquet, cut the dahlias in the morning when the flowers are already open well.





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