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5 Tips to Have a Peaceful Home

1-Clean your home: If you want a calmer experience at home, a good way to begin is by making it routine to clear your home and start cleaning all surfaces daily.

2-Use five elements:  1-Water: You can have this element in your home by hanging images of water, or just using flowers in a  bowl of water.


Photo: Amelie Melsness

2-Earth: You will have this element in your home through stones or plants.


3-Fire: Light a candle or fireplace and this element will be in your home.


4/5-Metal and  Wood: Buying furniture with wood or metal can help you have this element at your home and feel cozy.


3-Use natural light: Learn to appreciate natural light. Open the window and let the sun into your home.

Photo Helen Kohl

4-Natural Scents: Using natural scents, create a purifying and calming atmosphere  in your home by choosing  natural scents like beeswax, essential oil, natural cleaning products and fresh flowers.

Photo: Emily Quinton

Music: Having calm music at low volume will help your home and your soul become more  peaceful.

Music: Tiago Iorc and Duca Leindecker – Ate aqui


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