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Nathan Reimer: the make house

After screen-printing tens of thousands of T-shirts over 10 years, it’s not surprising that Nathan Reimer has grown somewhat sick of the discardable slips of cotton. Looking to impress a more permanent print on the world, he has turned to another seemingly prosaic feature of everyday life: wallpaper.

“I love wallpaper because it’s integrated and becomes part of a space,” explains Reimer. “It’s kind of functional and kind of frivolous, but it feeds the texture of everyday life.”

With a long-standing interest in playing with patterns and loops using photography and audio editing software, the self-taught artist realized early in his printing career that he could make wallpaper using similar repeating patterns. But it wasn’t until he moved to Portland from LA three years ago and transformed an old house on Alberta into a shared retail and creative space called the Make House that he finally had the tools, space, and skills to experiment. 

Fish & Dots on Black – Nathan Reiner – Wallpaper

Reimer has since created eight different prints, ranging from futuristic geometric lines to richly textured fish drawings found in an ancient Webster’s Dictionary. His most popular print features images of cowboys and Indians inspired by the Internet and old National Geographics. Since he first sent out swatches last fall, Reimer’s work has been picked up by interior design stores and sites in New York, Philadelphia, Denver, and Japan. 

While he now splits his time between consulting and wallpaper, he draws a firm line in his work. “The wallpaper is my art,” he says. “I’m not open to printing other people’s designs; I want to be working from my own ideas.”

Silver Space & Time – Nathan Reimer – Wallpaper

Via : pdxmonthly

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