Month: September 2015

Ricotta Toast With Pears And Honey

serve  2 Ingredients ⅓ cup whole-milk ricotta ½ teaspoon finely grated orange zest Pinch of kosher salt 2 teaspoons honey, plus more for drizzling 2 slices multigrain bread, toasted 1 medium Bartlett pear, thinly sliced 3 tablespoons unsalted, roasted sliced almonds  Directions Combine ricotta, orange zest, salt, and 2 tsp. honey in a small bowl. Dividing evenly, spread ricotta mixture onto toast. Top with pear, drizzle with honey, and sprinkle with almonds. Enjoy! Via: Bon appetit  

Balloons with a Twist!

Balloons are guaranteed to provide the fun factor in a wedding, birthday party, picnic, tea party or  romantic dinner. Try updating the ‘ normal ‘ helium balloon with a string made of ivy and flowers. It gives a romantic, cheerful effect which lends that little something extra to your party decorations! How to make it! Buy one or more balloons. Preferably a larger size, so that it is not dragged down by the weight of the plant string. Select sisal string or fishing line as the base for the plant. Don’t forget to secure the balloon or hang a weight from the bottom so that it does not float away. Select your choice of climbing plant, and wrap it around the string. Add a couple of your favorite flowers to provide the finishing touch. Photo: Pinterest

Grilled Caesars Salad

Yes, veggies are also allowed on the grill! serve 4 Ingredients 1/4 cup roasted garlic cloves ½ cup extra virgin olive oil, divided 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce Salt and freshly ground black pepper ½ (11-ounce) slab focaccia bread, halved horizontally 4 hearts of romaine, halved lengthwise through root end 16 marinated white anchovies 1 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese shavings, shaved with sharp vegetable peeler  Directions Place the roasted garlic, 5 tablespoon of the oil, the lemon juice, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce in a blender or mini food processor and blend until smooth. Season the dressing with salt and pepper to taste and set aside. Preheat grill over medium heat. Brush both sides of the focaccia slices with a little of the oil and grill until lightly browned all over, about 4 minutes per side. Cut into 1-inch cubes and set aside. Brush the cut sides of the romaine hearts with remaining olive oil and grill without moving them until slightly wilted and charred, about 3 minutes …

Nathan Reimer: the make house

After screen-printing tens of thousands of T-shirts over 10 years, it’s not surprising that Nathan Reimer has grown somewhat sick of the discardable slips of cotton. Looking to impress a more permanent print on the world, he has turned to another seemingly prosaic feature of everyday life: wallpaper. “I love wallpaper because it’s integrated and becomes part of a space,” explains Reimer. “It’s kind of functional and kind of frivolous, but it feeds the texture of everyday life.” With a long-standing interest in playing with patterns and loops using photography and audio editing software, the self-taught artist realized early in his printing career that he could make wallpaper using similar repeating patterns. But it wasn’t until he moved to Portland from LA three years ago and transformed an old house on Alberta into a shared retail and creative space called the Make House that he finally had the tools, space, and skills to experiment.  Reimer has since created eight different prints, ranging from futuristic geometric lines to richly textured fish drawings found in an ancient …

Pike Place Market

On the corner of First Avenue and Pike street  is located the Pike Place Market, the oldest continuously operating farmer’s market in the country, and one of the city’s ( Seattle) most popular attractions. With 11 buildings along the downtown Seattle waterfront, this market is as much a part of Seattle’s identity as the evergreens, the mountains, and the water. Attractions Start at the famous Public Market Center sign on the corner of First and Pike, which dates back to 1927 and is one of the oldest outdoor neon signs on the West Coast.                 For the hungry, Pike Place Market is a land of promise, a dizzying array of lunch counters, restaurants, coffeeshops, and bikers at every twist and turn.       Photo: Monica Melsness