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The Three Best Bathroom Plants

With low light  and  high humidity the bathroom makes the perfect home for many houseplants . Here are my three top plants  for a botanical bathroom:


Fern: Beautiful leaves produce clean and healthy air. These plants love high humidity.


Snake Plant

Snake Plant: These plants love steamy, humidity conditions and low light. With long and vertical leaves, this plant does not occupied much space in your bathroom. * Yours is my favorite!.



Orchid – These plants will give your bathroom a luxurious spa feel. Orchids thrives in warm and humid conditions.



  1. Penny says

    My bathroom is very chilly in the winter.
    I have great light coming in from the south….I love the idea of plants in the bathroom!

    What type of plants would thrive in a cool bright bathroom?


    • Hi Penny, The best plant for your bathroom is Jade this plant is incredibly easy to grow; it loves brightness and will survive cold conditions.Thank you very much for visiting the blog, I really appreciate it!


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