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10 Best Plants for Container Garden

If you have a small garden or small balcony, because you live in an apartment in the city, a plot   of potted plants can be both easy  and  versatile. Some plants look beautiful planted in pots, and leave your home more cozy, charming and nice!


Japanese Maples – Unrivaled for their leaf texture and fall color, may stay smallish when grown in big pots.

Begonias – One of the few nonstop annual bloomers for shady spots.

Euphorbia – Photo : The Personal Garden Coach

Fuchsias – Old Fashioned plants with intricate blooms that perform in partial shade .

Figs – Edible and Ornamental.

Geraniums – Fancy-leaf types Like Vancouver Centennial offer more than just blooms. Photo:

Elephant Ears.

Pineapple Lilies – Lavish leaves and pineapple-like flowers.


Hydrangeas – Wheel them out on center stage at bloom time and enjoy the show.

Bromeliads – These house plants can summer outdoors, adding sculptural flair.




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