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How to Mounted Staghorn Fern


French cleats or other hanging mechanism to hang the board

Sphagnum Moss


Nails with heads that are large enough  for wire to be secured around them

Screwdriver or hammer

Wood board  ( select a board that is a least 20  percent larger than grower’s  pot your plant came in to allow for future growth)

Staghorn fern

Fishing wire , or  coated wire or  rope


Photo: Monica Melsness


Using French cleats or another type of hanging hardware, affix a hanging mechanism to the back of your board.

Soak the sphagnum moss in a bucket of water until it’s fully saturated. Remove the moss and wring it out so that its not dripping prior to use.

Secure the screws about 2 inches away from where you are going to place the sterile leaves of stag horn fern.This spacing will allow room for new growth. Leave a small bit of space at the top so you can wind wire around them.

On the board, lay most of the damp sphagnum moss in the middle of the screws ( reserve some for use in step 7 ). Arrange the moss in a bed that is a little more shallow in the middle and a little bit bulkier around the edges.

Remove the fern from its pot and carefully remove all of the soil from its roots.

Spread the roots gently into the middle of the sphagnum moss, paying attention to the direction and form of the leaves and how they will look when the board is displayed on a wall. From what angle will you view the mounting? Make sure that the plant is showing its good side.

Once the fern is in place, pack a little more of the sphagnum moss around its base to cover the rest of the root system, but be sure not to cover the fern’s sterile leaves.

Secure the fern to the board using clear fishing line or coated wire or rope. You can use any kind of material that blends in as it will not deteriorate. Tie the line to one of the screws to screw to secure the fern and the moss in place. Once the fern is  completely secure, tie the end of the line around another screw.



Staghorn Fern – Photo Monica Melsness

Via : Rooted in Design




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