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How to Choose the Right Headboard

I have made a list of the the most important things to consider before buying a headboard.

If you read or  watch Tv in bed then you’ll be better off with a padded or upholstered  headboard. Since you’ll be  leaning against it, a  dark color or print will disguise any marks.

A metal or wooden headboard will create a stylish statement but won’t offer the comfort of upholstered headboards .

                                               What are the design choices?

  Upholstered  headboards are ideal for comfort and can create a striking statement if covered in bold, patterned fabric. Buttoned headboards are back in fashion and now come in sleeker, streamlined shapes giving them a modern edge. Look out for buttoned headboards upholstered in suede for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.
 Leather headboards are good for bringing a sleek, modern look to contemporary bedrooms, but remember, the leather can be cold so you may need a few extra pillows.
 Wooden headboards are great for country-style bedrooms and traditional schemes.
  Metal headboards will give a room a chic, urban feel, which is great for minimal- style bedrooms.

Copenhagen Reclaimed Wood Bed.

Bohemian Furniture

  If you’re buying a bed from scratch, you may want to consider choosing a bed with a headboard already attached. You’ll be guaranteed that it all matches and you won’t have the expense of buying a separate headboard. However, your choice will be more limited and you’ll have to change the bed as well as the board if you fancy a new look.
 If you’re choosing a headboard for a divan  bed, you will be spoiled with choices and it will be easy to change if you feel like a new look.
Remember to check out the bed’s size before you buy as not all headboards fit all beds. Consider the height of the people that will be using the headboard.Some headboards won’t be high enough for tall people, and children won’t need a headboard that’s as high as an adult’s. Choosing a headboard that’s wider than the bed will create a sophisticated, contemporary look .



Leather Sleigh Bed .

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