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Ladder Decor Idea

If you have a ladder that is forgotten in the garage, with a little creativity, it can give an entirely new look to your decor. Here are some ideas of how to use the piece in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and even in the garden.


You can use the ladder as a plant hanger. Photo: 30smagazine

ladder DECOR Idea

Lights on a Ladder ( That is charming idea !! What do you think? )

If you still have not found a place for accessories, put them beside the bed on a ladder. Its beautiful and practical.

Ladder Decor Idea

Ladder can be used also as side table

Ladder in the Bathroom

Angled Ladder

You can use the ladder as a shelf, which helps leave the house organized. Photo :

You can place a ladder in your closet and use it to display your favorite dress.

Ladder Decor Idea

Rustic Ladder as Accent

Ladder as a Christmas Tree

Ladder as a garden decor accent. Photo: Home Depot

Ladder as a Kitchen Storage

Ladder as a Pot and Pan holder

Ladder as a shoe rack

Ladder as a Living Room accent .





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