Home Sweet Home
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Erin Wasson

  The Supermodel who decorates with trash

Erin Wasson is a model, actress, jewelry designer, and now, a home owner. Step inside her treasure trove of found objects.



Erin Wasson’s personal design rule is pretty simple:“If I found it in the trash, it’s going up,” she says. She describes her style as “flea market makeshift,” and that’s the vibe of her California home, which is filled with a mix of scavenged items and pieces she’s picked up while traveling.

“Anywhere I’ve lived, I start banging into the walls first,” she tells One Kings Lane. “I don’t believe in a home that feels too precious. People overthink it, but decorating should be an organic experience. I don’t want to feel like I’m living on a set.”


“I painted the walls white so that my work would be the main attraction,” Erin says of her office, where she’s working on relaunching her jewelry line, Low Luv. A laquered wood dining table serves as her desk, and a pair of cacti on either side were a housewarming gift from a friend.


This peacock chair is another one of Erin’s salvaged finds. “I carried this thing home,” she says.

by Colleen Egan




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