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Quazi Design

     Homemade in Swaziland


Quazi Design is a cutting edge craft company that transforms waste magazines into original accessories and interiors, believing that the combination of craftsmanship and innovation is a powerful tool to promote stability in the developing world.


Their products are design driven and utilise creative craft skills using 100% waste magazine paper. They push the boundaries of raw materials, developing interesting techniques; including layering magazine pages to recreate the impression of wood, as if transforming the material back to its original form.
Their artisans are encouraged to be part of the product development process through design days and they offer product development internships to designers wanting to learn and share skills in ethical design and are always open to collaborations.
Their journey began in 2009 when Quazi Design became a formal business in order to create much needed employment in Swaziland. They began with the concept of a simple rolled paper bead earring displayed on a card and employing one artisan, Sibongile, who later became our production manager.



Image source: - quazidesign

The business was co-founded by Doron, a designer from the UK and Flotsam, the local magazine distributors. Doron became the driving force behind the enterprise and since 2009 has lived and worked in Swaziland building a sustainable business model with a dynamic balance between economic and social goals, believing that design driven handcraft can be a powerful tool for empowerment and economic independence.
The core of their business is pushing the boundaries of craft and sustainable design through innovative techniques and continuous product development. All products are handmade and utilise 100% waste magazines.



Image source: - quazidesign

Image source: - quazidesign

Their new furniture range includes a paper sculpted stool/side table, decorative bowls, hand-printed cushions and lampshades.

Image source: - quazidesign

Tel: (+268) 2422 0193Email: info@quazidesign.com971 Bakhi Street, Sidwashini

Mbabane, Swaziland

                                                                 Via Elle Decor

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